Friday, June 23, 2017

An Unexpected Celebration

Hi there Sweetie Pie,

Okay, I'm really almost caught up, and seriously... we've got to come up with a better plan for execution. Whew! But let's rewind to April for a moment.

I wasn't going to do Easter. I was a tired mom. And... while I always enjoyed the whole Easter Bunny thing as a kid, I've just struggled to get behind it as an adult. While Christmas is entirely too commercialized, there is still so much about the Christmas spirit that makes it a whole season of joy. I turned on Winnie the Pooh to an Easter episode and it was all about a celebration of spring. Uh... huh?

A week or so before Easter I happened upon a video of Libby having her first easter egg hunt when she was just a little older than you, and it was ADORABLE!! Suddenly, I had to take you to find easter eggs. Around the same time I also happened upon the most handsome little outfit ever while I was out picking up a few easter-y things; basically you had a crazy awesome Easter without any intention whatsoever. Side note: I did find some really cool things to do leading up to Easter that I'd like to implement next year. Things to help us actually understand more about the true reason we celebrate.

The Palfreymans' were kind enough to let us join their egg hunt (it's just not the same with one kid and almost no yard) and it was a BLAST watching you figure out the whole experience. The best part was when you realized what was inside. At that point the gig was up. No more hunting; it was time to eat candy.

We were lucky enough to have Grandma and Grandpa Cottle in town for most of the weekend, so the joined us for the egg hunt, and Grandma took lots of pictures. She also helped me do the shopping that led to lots of Easter fun the next morning.

The Easter Bunny tried to keep the candy to a minimum (there were lots of eggs, but most of the candy disappeared before you knew it was there), but you got some cleaning toys (a broom just your size since you love to use mama's) and some toys to play at the beach. Dad was off in the mornings both Saturday and Sunday, so we all got to enjoy at least a few hours of celebrating together.

I decided to invite some friends for Easter dinner, so we had a turkey and lots of other good food. It was so fun to celebrate with loved ones all weekend!

For not planning to make a big deal, we sure had a lovely, and eventful holiday. Definitely one worth remembering. So, it looks like Easter is a tradition however we celebrate each year. But Devin, I hope as time goes on you come to understand the true, incredible blessing this day is, and why we truly celebrate. Because of our Savior, Jesus Christ and his sacrifice, because He lives, we will live again too.

I love you sweet boy. You are the light of our lives. And I am so grateful that because of our Savior, we are a forever family.


Mom and Dad

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