Monday, November 10, 2014

To Idaho

I had written this post in my head the other night. It had a different title and a different message. But tonight, as I've wrestled with the words, my heart needed to say something else. So this post, Idaho, is for you:

Riding Sundance with my dad leading the reins, my tiny legs barely cresting the saddle,
Then moving up to Charger; dumb, but still gentle enough to attempt a steady trot.
Finally moving on to Judy, who could run through the mountain roads like the wind, leaving me terrified and exhilarated at the same time.
Roaming the mountains on horses, and on foot;
Shortcuts with Wes, most we regretted.
Staring across the valley to mountains in the distance that looked like the perfect painting, the Salmon River like a child's drawing etched into the valley.
Looking up at billions of stars so close and so bright, with no city lights to dim their brilliance.
Listening to Uncle Ed and Rex tell stories and share their words of wisdom.
Volleyball games and camp outs on the big lawn at the ranch with cousins
Three-wheel carts and Williams Lake
Watching early morning mist settle on the Sawtooths as the sun started to rise, then hiking for hours with Nancy through their beautiful trails.
Taking road trips, getting lost, getting found.
Camping by the calm waters of the Snake, water skiing, river rafting.
Sleepovers with "weekend roomies" while I came up to see my love.
The anticipation and acceptance of a proposal.
A Lava "hot date" with the man of my dreams.
And soon, the conclusion of a long journey. The end of one road, the beginning of another...

Idaho, you have never been my home, but you have always been a beautiful piece of my soul.