Friday, February 12, 2016

Four Months

Hi there sweet boy!
How has another month gone by already? I blinked and it was over. This month was full of ups and downs for me. I met a woman today (who fell instantly in love with you btw) who told me the worst part is over, and I said "I believe you!!" Although I miss my tiny infant, I love that you are growing into yourself. You have so much personality now, and Dad and I can really play with you in ways that we couldn't before. I understand so much more about what you need, and you are also better at communicating, in your own way.
You have really found your voice this month. You gave me the business the other night when you were ready to go home. Although there was a bit of crying mixed in, you mainly "yelled" at me with whatever types of noises you could come up with. I knew you were saying, "Mom! You have been chatting forever and I am tired and grumpy and ready for bed! Please take me home! And can I ride in the front seat so I don't have to sit in my dumb car seat??" (For the record, I definitely said no about the front seat).
You love Disneyworld already, and you nap better there than anywhere else. While Papa was in town this month, we spent a Saturday just wandering around the Magic Kingdom and you slept for hours amidst all sorts of noise and chaos. You would hang out and people watch, enjoy the attractions, and then drift back to sleep once you'd had your fill. You never complained once, and were out cold by 6:30pm. You didn't even flinch through the entire Star Wars fireworks show.
You have also spent some fun times with friends and family this month. You and I cheered on Dad as he finished his first half marathon, we spent a fun day at Disney with Shelley and Camden while they were in town, and we celebrated Landon's birthday with the Krause family. You even got to spend an evening with Grandma ReRe. You love hanging out with people, and you're already becoming a bit of a performer.
You love your Daddy and you are nothing but smiles when he comes home. You also love to snuggle during weekend afternoon naps with Mommy. I love seeing a tiny little Devin sleeping in such a big bed. It's adorable.
Having Mom back at work is hard on both of us. You are starting to adjust, and your best days are definitely Dad's days off. You guys are best buddies. You had your first full day all alone together while I traveled to Rochester and back for work. Dad was up with you bright and early in the morning, and had you in bed for the last time before I was home that night. I missed you both terribly, but it was fun to watch you bond, and Dad always sends me pictures and we FaceTime when possible. The first time we got on FaceTime you smiled at me and then got a little frustrated because you could see me, but no matter how much you grabbed at the phone you couldn't get to me. It was adorable, and a little bit heartbreaking.
You are such a happy guy, and we are so grateful you are part of our family! You've only been with us 4 months and I already can't imagine life without you!
Mom and Dad