Monday, January 11, 2016

Three Months

Hey there Handsome!

You have really grown in this last month! It has been incredible getting to know you as you've started to become more expressive as the weeks have gone by. Dad and I are more and more in love with you everyday, and I'm always amazed at the way we can interact even though you can't talk to me.

You've started to control your arms and hands, and can reach out and grab things with a bit of concentration. Sometimes you hold your hands out in front of you and just observe them in action. You put your little arm around me when I pick you up, and squeeze my arm with your hand. At bedtime when I put your binky back in your mouth your tiny fingers wrap around my hand and hold it close like you never want me to let go. It melts my heart, and I can't help but hold on just a little longer.

You smile and laugh, and it's infectious. I love how you greet me with a great big smile and giggle when you are ready to get out of bed. In fact, sometimes when I'm trying to shush you back to sleep, your mischievous blue eyes stare up at me and the corners of your mouth appear beneath your binky. You giggle as if to say, "Sure Mom. You just keep trying if it will make you feel better." It's so adorable I don't even mind.

You took your first bath in a normal size tub and you were in heaven! You kick your legs and wiggle around like a fish. You are fascinated with having so much space and water to play in. I just have to hold your head so you don't turn it and get a face full of bath water. For now it's definitely easier to stick with the little tub!

You took your first trip just a couple of days after you turned 3 months. On New Year's Eve we flew out to Utah to see our family, and you handled it like a champ! You're definitely not used to falling asleep in Mama's arms so that was an adjustment, but overall no major fits or fussing. On the flight home we were lucky enough to get a full row to ourselves which made life better for both of us. While we were in Utah you met lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, great-grandparents, and friends. You even slept well so I could get some rest too, since we made the trip alone while Dad stayed in Florida to work.
Getting ready for take off on your first flight
Mimi picked us up at the airport. Your little cheeks in
that hat are just too much for me!!
Mama Chrislyn and Mama Rachel. So awesome our boys got to meet!
Corban was pretty fascinated by Devin. Devin is still
figuring out how to handle someone his own size.
Devin with Corban and Emma

Devin and Marci
Devin with Aunt ArVae
Great Grandma Randall
Devin and his Mimi
Auntie Emmy and Uncle Soren with Devin and Aria
Great Granny Buchner
Drea getting her baby fix
Mom started back to work at the 12 week mark, and it's been a bit stressful on both of us. My first full day away you didn't want to let Afton put you to bed. You knew I was missing. Even though it's nice to feel like no one can take my place, it broke my heart knowing you were missing me and I couldn't tell you that I would be home later and it was all okay. I am so grateful that I don't have to leave you every day, but wish I could help you understand, and that it was easier on my heart too. I feel so blessed that I had 12 full weeks to be home and focus on nothing but you because I needed that as much as you did!