Saturday, February 11, 2017

15 & 16 Months

Hi Devy Boy!

December and January both slipped away so fast, and I decided that I was just going to have to combine them. You are learning so many new things daily, and I almost can't keep track of them all! I've done my best to enjoy each stage of your little life, without "can't-waiting" for the next one, and I'm grateful I did. The last 16 months have all been an amazing journey. But... this stage is SO MUCH FUN!! Don't get me wrong, I am a whole new kind of exhausted at the end of most days. But you are such a delightful boy, and it's incredible to start communicating with you, and understanding you more each day. Plus, you can work a room like no one I've every seen! You are always making new friends whether we're eating lunch at McDonalds, sitting in church, or playing at Disney.

You climbed down next to Daphne, and then
just crawled onto her lap. That was adorable, but
then you decided to do that to random strangers.
We decided maybe that wasn't the best plan.
Early in December you learned the 5 Little Monkeys song, and you could do the "can't catch me" finger shake like a champ! We've "visited" nursery a few times when I just couldn't bear chasing you down the halls at church, and the first time we walked in all the kids were lined up doing the song, and you turned to look at me and shake your finger with the biggest smile on your face that said, "Mom!! They know our song! What is this magical place, and why am I just finding out about it?!" Unfortunately, you've been a little more clingy in some of our recent visits, so we'll see how things go when you officially hit 18 months.

One of our first nursery experiments. You had a blast.
Along with 5 Little Monkeys, you also love to say, "Row, row, row..." after which you expect us to finish with, "Your boat, gently down the stream...." You could do that for hours. Dad and I usually last about 3 or 4 rounds.

Your list of words is getting longer every day. So far you're great with Mama, Dada, Mimi, Papa, hi, bye, bubbles, ball, bro (Dad taught you this one), quack (like the duck, which includes an adorable quacking gesture), woof woof, prophet, Jesus, cracker, and avocado. Yes, for reals, you say avocado (it comes out more like "avco", but you very much know what you're saying, and will say it anytime you see one). You don't put words together much, unless you're repeating us, but it's still kind of amazing when it happens. One day, when Daddy was leaving for work, you said "Bye Dad", and both of our hearts just melted!

You love your tent from G&G Cottle!

You also are working on your wink (it's still a work in progress, but when you try you sort of bat your eyes, which is kind of even more adorable), you blow kisses and play peek-a-boo, and you are constantly saying hi to everyone around you. We made a visit to Instacare a couple weeks ago, and my first clear clue that it was a false alarm was looking around at all the sad, droopy faces of the other kids while you sat and waved at the receptionist. Sure enough, it turned out to be a combo of lots of teeth and not enough ibuprofen.

You are a champion eater! You pretty much eat anything, but your favorites are probably still eggs, avocado, and berries. I never expected I would be telling my 16 month old he's already had enough avocado for the day as he's begging for more! Papa asked once, "Does he ever stop eating, or do you just stop feeding him?" He was thrilled that you would eat since most of your cousins aren't huge fans of food, but he was also AMAZED at how much you would eat, and sometimes I am too. I'm pretty sure most mornings you eat as much breakfast as I do. You've also learned to "blow" on your food. I'm not sure that you do a super effective job, but it's sure adorable.

We've introduced you to Sesame Street, and you still love High Five and Mother Goose Club. I don't love a lot of TV in our house, but sometimes I am grateful that you can sit through TV for awhile. Recently our routine has included a little snuggle time in bed with some Sesame Street on my phone or laptop before it's officially bedtime. I just soak up those snuggles! We also do lots of snuggling first thing in the morning when you get up and have a drink. You were sick for about a week at the start of the year (poor Dad was home alone with you for the worst of it), and your sleep was all sorts of screwed up for a bit afterward. That was miserable, except that you'd wake up early, drink a sippy while you snuggled with me, and then roll over and snuggle into my neck and fall back asleep. You wouldn't go back to bed, but I could bring you in and let you sleep with me for another hour or two. If we're honest, I didn't get much sleep... but it was kind of an ok trade off.

You're starting to hold the phone to your ear to talk into it, and you're pretty obsessed with phones in general. You also started making the cutest/silliest face sometimes just because, but it also seems to be your "posing" face for pictures. At first I wondered where it came from, and then I realized it's totally a face I've made since you were born. I guess you finally decided to try it out too.

A shoulder ride with Mom means you can "do" my hair.

Devin, I love all the fun, silly, and interesting things you do each day, but I've also fallen in love with your gentle, kind spirit. We've sat on the same pew as a family with a severely autistic boy a few times in church, and you watch him with the look of someone who understands his heart. I can't think of any other way to describe it. You also seem to gravitate toward his Dad, as you see him caring for his son. You looked at a man in a wheelchair behind us at Target the same way, and you specifically waved to him as we were walking away not for the attention or coupled with your "Mr. Charming" smile, but with a genuine love in your face. I hope your love for others, and your genuine spirit is something you keep throughout your life. You are not afraid of anyone, and you just love others, and assume that they will love you in return. Live your life that way, and it will be so. I know that to be true.

I love you Devin, with all of my heart! You fill my soul with so much happiness. I am so excited to get you out of bed in the morning, and I love the way you say "Bye" and wave when I put you to bed at night (although sometimes you're not super happy about it). I love watching you learn and grow, and I feel like the luckiest in the world that the Lord sent you to our family.


Mom and Dad

One of your favorite grown-up buddies

Already into cars... well, and anything you can climb in

 More Disney... as usual...

 You hang out with Daddy every chance you can get, whether it's chilling out, "helping" him with projects, or getting fancy and going out.

Your buddy and future wife. You guys play together whenever there's a chance.