Friday, June 17, 2016

8 Months

Devin at 8 Months
from Rachel Cottle on Vimeo.

Hey Buddy!

This month has definitely been the most challenging, but by far the most fun since you joined our family. We are trying to figure out a sleeping and eating schedule that will help you (and your parents) get a good night's rest, and so far we're mostly discovering your level of dedication when you do, or don't want something.

You gave up the binkie for good this month, which I wasn't quite ready for, and you've definitely started letting me know which foods you are willing to eat. Peas are a definite no, and squash is not on your list anymore, but luckily I can still sneak them in with peaches and sweet potatoes.

You still love the tub and you've been working hard at trying to stand up in there. You haven't quite figured it out, but you're close.

You love the dogs, and they love you too, although they're not sure how to handle the fact that you can now move around. Rafiki loves to lick your face, and most of the time you think that's pretty fun.

We started working on clapping, and you didn't seem to really get it, until one day we were on a mommy/Devin shopping trip and you started clapping right there in the middle of Kohl's! I could see you had suddenly put it together (no pun intended), and you were just as proud as I was.

We did lots of Disney as usual last month, and I think your favorite thing was meeting Chewbacca. He was like a great big teddy bear, and you loved putting your fingers through all his hair! Aside from trips to Disney we went swimming, played with friends, and hung out together at lots of youth activities and meetings since Mom was just called to be the Young Women President at church.

Although we haven't seen any actual teeth yet, you've definitely been in the teething process, which hasn't helped your sleep any. But as hard as it is to wake up at 4am, your smile after a bottle and a clean diaper makes it totally worth it.

Getting to know you as you become more communicative and aware is so incredible. Your smile is infectious and sweet, and your determination is frustrating but admirable. And your cheerful disposition is such a blessing!

We love you sweet guy! Happy 8 months!