Monday, December 12, 2016

14 Months

Hi Devy boy!

November was a really amazing, but super busy month! Mimi and Papa came the first few days of November, just a little over a week after we got back from Seattle. While they were here we got the news that Great Grandma Randall passed away, so we hopped on a plane the next week to head back to Utah. Dad had taken the next week off for some Cottle family time, so that made 3 weeks in a row of family time. It was busy, and I'm still recovering, but I wouldn't have traded any of those sweet memories.

Papa and Devin just after their haircuts

While Mimi and Papa were here we did Disney, Disney, and more Disney! It was so darn fun, and you were such a champ through it all. We were all pretty worn out by Saturday night, but we had a blast. You and Papa got haircuts together, and this was the first time I actually used the clippers on your hair. I think it tickled a little, and you were fascinated. Thank goodness, because we've got a LOT of haircuts in our future together, and the less you squirm and fuss, the better it is for both of us.

Devin's favorite spot... on Papa's shoulders
Mimi and Devin checking stuff out

Devin Dancing to the music at EPCOT

As fun as Disney was, the best moment of the trip was when you accidentally started a dance party from Mimi's Apple watch. At the push of the screen, Gangnum style unexpectedly erupted and every ounce of your little body danced with glee. You taught Mimi about all kinds of things she didn't know her watch could do that week. You also saw the fireworks from our room for the first time and you kept saying "Oh WOW!", while pointing and turning to see if Mimi and Papa were seeing them too.

Our flight to and from Utah was fairly smooth considering. In fact, you snuggled into me and fell right to sleep on our flight from SLC to Denver. It was AMAZING. I decided Grandma was watching over us and helping a Mama out (for next time Grandma, just so you know the other flight was actually the long one, but I'm totally not complaining!!). While I'm still not in a hurry to do more traveling with kids, I was grateful you handled things better this time. And it was awesome having Dad there for both flights!

Our trip to Utah was beautiful. I didn't get enough sibling and cousin bonding, but the time we had was wonderful, and Grandma's funeral was a perfect way to honor her in life and death. She was an incredible woman. I feel so grateful you got to meet her, even though neither of you will remember. We also found out Uncle Davey and Atza decided to get married! They had a small wedding in San Francisco, and will have the "fake real" wedding as Dave called it next year in Barcelona.

All the sibs together at Grandma's funeral
A full flight but magically we got an extra seat for Devin!
Daddy took off a week before Thanksgiving to make sure we could finally make a trip to Georgia, and Uncle Justin was able to come too, so we had the whole family together for the first time since our wedding. It was a lovely few days! We finally did all the touristy things I've never managed to fit into our Atlanta trips. You loved the Georgia Aquarium, and you tolerated our Stone Mountain excursion. There were several aspects of Stone Mountain (such as the giant sculpture of the Confederate generals) that I didn't know anything about. I have spent very little time in the South (and for those who aren't aware, Florida totally does not count as The South), and it was fascinating to take in a piece of American history from that point of view. Our history became a little more tangible seeing a piece of it in person.

Daddy and Devin at Chick-fil-e taking a break from the drive
The Aquarium
At the top of Stone Mountain
Kissing under the Mistletoe at the Stone Mountain
Christmas Village
While Grandpa and most of us kids hiked Stone Mountain, Grandma was busy making a lovely Thanksgiving feast. We enjoyed Fakesgiving with the whole Cottle family, so even though we wouldn't be together on the right day, we could enjoy the holiday together.

Devin rocking in Grandmom's chair just his size
We spent the actual Thanksgiving holiday at home having dinner together. I was starting to really regret that decision about halfway through the day when you just wanted mom and I was trying to get all the pieces of dinner ready. But, it was awesome being home and having Daddy there to enjoy it with us. And it was fun to have some cute friends from church there as well.

Thanksgiving at our house. Mom pulled out everything
to help keep Devin happy while she cooked.
Our final adventure for the month was a trip to Disney with Mama Rita. We sure love her, and it was so fun to get in some Disney magic with her!

Devin and Grandma Rita
Aside from all the adventures, you have been getting cuter and smarter every day. You are mimicking things you hear, and just starting to learn a few more words. You say Mama much more often now, and seem to actually know what it means. You've been able to wave for a long time, but out of the blue you started saying "hi"! It comes with it's own particular wave, and you've captivated entire groups of people with that little "Hi" and wave. You have also learned how to fold your arms. They don't usually stay folded for a full blessing, but it's a start.

We put the tree and train up early in the month and you've been in HEAVEN. You've mostly avoided wreaking havoc on the tree, though you definitely pull things off the upstairs one (one of the reasons I put up two). Watching your face the first time the tree lit up was just magic. Truly I feel the joy of discovering things all over again through your eyes. And you always notice when things have changed. I put up a painting in our dining room (I am slowly but surely getting things decorated), and you noticed the moment we walked in. It's fun to watch you recognize things. Although, on the other hand, I put up some wall art in your bathroom just over your changing pad, and that was a mistake. You obsessively pull it off the wall, and then stand up and push the nail in.

You love to be outside exploring, and wherever there are stairs you can be found going up and down, up and down. We were waiting for Mimi and Papa at Disney, and you just wanted to play on the stairs. Then we got to the center of Town Square and you just wanted to go up on the curb and back down. I wished you would look over to see the tree and toy soldiers instead of just the curb, until I realized you were practicing, and working on finding a way to step down without crawling. You would stand an extra second, bend your knees, start to move a foot, and then decide you didn't quite have a handle on making that happen. Suddenly, I quit thinking about what you weren't seeing, and became intent on watching your process, and your progress, as little as it may have been. One of my favorite things about being your mom is watching you learn.

Devin learning to climb right into the cupboard
Sometimes you get frustrated, so I try to help you work things out without doing it for you. It's hard. I don't want life to hurt, or be hard. But I want you to be the strong, courageous, determined boy you are always, and sometimes that means you will do hard things. And I know these little moments will help you prepare for the bigger ones.

Every day I wonder how the world existed without you in it. You are larger than life to me, and can't give you enough kisses and snuggles, and can't stand being away from you, even for a few hours. It's so fun to watch you grow, but I already feel like my time with you is slipping away. People always say to enjoy it, because it goes too fast. I appreciate the reminder, but I don't need it. Maybe it's because I'm older and don't know how many babies we'll have, or maybe working takes so much more time from you than I want to give. But I savor the hours with you. Of course they are not all perfect. But they come pretty darn close.

There's just something about Mickey. You love him.


Mom and Dad