Saturday, April 22, 2017

Nursery Legal

Hey Sweet boy,

Hooray! You're finally old enough to stay in nursery! I didn't realize how excited I would be to send you to nursery, since I love to get in all the Devin time I can. But let's be honest, church is hard for you, and when you can go in and play with toys and kids, it's a win for both of us.

This month has been such a fun one, even though you have become much more attached to Mom, which means some things become much more difficult. You've become my little Koala baby this month, because you are attached to my hip at all times. Whenever I try to put you down you pull your legs up around me and hang on with all your might. It's so adorably frustrating because I love that you want me, but it's hard to do things like cook and clean with one hand. Luckily, you're usually good to sit on the counter and "help". You like to stir things, and help put ingredients in a mixing bowl. And sometimes, I can put you on the floor with your own pot and spoon (empty of course), and you're temporarily content mixing your own dinner.

You say "more" whenever you want us to play another game, song, or of course when you want more to eat. It comes out a little bit like, "moh". Sometimes you even want to say "moh" blessings on the food, so you fold your arms, wait for us to fold ours and then excitedly say, "Amen!". It's nice you want to say blessings, even if it's hard for you to sit still and keep your arms folded through one. A few weeks ago we went to the YSA sacrament meeting so Daddy could join us, and the girl saying the opening prayer was a bit long-winded. About halfway through you loudly exclaimed, "AMEN!" Since you were the only one making noise, it was hard to miss your meaning. You can also do all of the "Wheels on the Bus" verses, and we've even added one of our own for the "Devins" on the bus, and I think it's quite fitting.

You are more adept at making your desires known as each day passes. I've spent lots of time around other kids, but watching you become more communicative on a daily basis is an incredible experience. And sometimes pretty entertaining. When you eat something you really love you'll grab the spoon and bring my hand to your mouth to get it as quickly as possible. And when you really want me you'll wriggle in between me and whatever is in the way and push me back so I can reach down and pick you up. My favorite was one day when we had the missionaries and a friend over. You got done eating and would say, "bye" to us and walk toward the front door. You did this a few times, and then finally came over, grabbed my hand to bring me with you, then waved to our guests and said, "bye". Okay. Clearly you're done entertaining and ready for some mommy time.

You LOVE playing with other kids. At Sea World you met another little guy (a bit younger but also a bit bigger) and you both watched the beluga whales together and "talked" to each other. Eventually you grabbed each other to hug and toppled to the ground. You both got up looking suddenly a little unsure of the other guy. This is actually fairly typical. I never realized just how much little kids love to hug, but don't exactly know how to do it gently or effectively. We've gone to meet Grandma Rita at Downtown Disney with her grandkids and they are so cute with you. Last time they brought you a Max from the Secret Life of Pets. So sweet. You also love hanging out with Lochlan, a four year old buddy. It's fun to see you play together and imagine what experiences you'd have as a brother. When they were last over the neighborhood kids were out and wanted to play. As you all started playing he turned to them and said, "This is a Devin. You have to be careful with him because he's little!" It was super cute and sweet.

You loved the fish, sharks, and whales at Sea World, and also had a blast on the carousel and train, though I think the highlights of the day were the giant (but S.L.O.W.) slide that you went down over and over again, and the splash pad. While it doesn't quite match up to the magic of Disney, I loved that Sea World was much less crowded, so you could do things like ride the carousel over and over again. It's one of your favorite things at any park.

You've learned things like showing your muscles and you suddenly got super interested in wearing your play glasses around. You'll even keep a hat on from time to time. You love music and having your back tickled. You love the park and all things that involve being outside. And you really love "Elmo", or basically all the Sesame Street songs we typically play on Youtube from our phones when it's time to just chill. At night before bed we'll snuggle in our bed and watch a few before you go to sleep. You can now sing the Bah bah ba bahs, with Feist, and sing the numbers with the Pentatonix.

I've probably said this before, but there are days as I come down the stairs and see you playing that I realize there's no possible way to imagine this home without you, and yet I still can't believe you are here and we get to experience your life every day. I can never adequately describe the emotions and overpowering love I have for you, Devin. I feel as Shakespeare wrote, "My love's ... richer than my tongue ... I cannot heave my heart into my mouth." The richness of this love gets me out of bed in the middle of the night, encourages me to keep working when I just want to be home with you, allows me to sit patiently (most of the time) through an eternal meal because you just want to play, and carries me through the moments when my worries over your journey through this life feel overwhelming.

You are my sunshine sweet Devin. I admire your love and your determination, and all the silliness that brings laughter into our home every day. We love you sweet boy.


Mom and Dad