Sunday, January 1, 2012

Time and All Eternity...

Brad and I were married and sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple on July 29, 2011. We debated on dates, temples, and times before settling there, and while it was a VERY busy day at the Salt Lake Temple, we were blessed to have my grandpa Alfred Kay Randall to perform the ceremony.
It was a busy morning at the Randall house with a baby blessing going on, but Emily and my two adopted sisters (Emily's roommates) spent the night before with me at my apartment to help me get ready for the big day. Emily, Kelly, and Heather made me look like such a princess and Alyssa came early to shoot pictures of the whole process. I was dropped off at the temple right on time and ready to go, which turned out to be a really good thing because...
Brad dropped my parents off just on time and went to find a parking spot. The closest one he could find was about 4 blocks away (did I mention it was a BUSY day at the Salt Lake Temple?) so he nearly had to run to make it on time. I walked in to find my parents had just arrived along with a very nervous grandpa who had left his white suit in the car back in Centerville. Someone was driving it over for him but of course he was a bit flustered. Brad walked in equally flustered and frustrated because he was running late for his own wedding. Luckily the wedding couldn't happen without a bride AND a groom, so it all worked out. I think the Lord blessed me with an extra portion of peacefulness that day since the rest of the family was having a rough morning.
It was a sweet experience to get ready with my mom at my side, as I put on her wedding dress to wear for the sealing. I was amazed at the peace that I felt getting ready, and how natural it felt as Brad and I were led to the Celestial Room to sit and wait for the sealing. Despite my absolute peace, the reality of the moment would pour over me every so often and the tears would start fighting their way onto my lashes as it sunk in that I was about to be forever sealed to the wonderful man beside me.
As we walked into the door of the ceiling room, I was overwhelmed by so many loved ones there to witness our union. Many had traveled far just to be there for us. I was honored. And as I looked around the room I can honestly say that without most of the people there, Brad and I would not have been at the temple for a wedding that day. While I know that it is through our Savior that our hearts have been changed, it is the example of our loved ones and their unnconditional love and support that gave us the courage to turn our hearts to Him.
I loved our sealing. I told my grandpa a year or two ago that he had to stick around long enough to perform my sealing. "Well you'd better hurry!" he joked with me. He turned 94 just a week ago, and I feel so blessed he was there to share that with us, and that my grandparents have been a part of Brad's life too.
We walked out of the temple after the ceremony to find even more family and friends awaiting us, and it was so fun to share the moment wiht all of them. Libby jumped right into my arms and didn't want to leave my side the whole time we were taking pictures. It could have had something to do with the fact that I was in a princess dress getting ALL the attention. But the girls were so adorable in their little pink dresses. There were so many amazing photos taken that I couldn't begin to choose my favorites to post, so instead I've posted a collage capturing many of my favorite moments of that first half of the day. The reception is a whole different story.