Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our Magical World of Disney

Since Brad works at Disney we have done our best to take full advantage of our opportunities to visit the parks together, and to drag friends along when we can. It's usually not too hard to convince people to go spend a day at Disney World, especially when it's free.

Here are some of our Disney adventures, and the friends we've shared them with:

My good friend Corinne and her family came down for a visit and we got to spend a few days with them. This is her daughter Jocelynne who was celebrating her first birthday. She wasn't sure she was super excited about the Minnie ears covered in bling.

Brad and I in front of my favorite ride of all time. The Rock'n'Rollercoaster!

The Denny's last day in Florida. We were honored to be able to spend it at Disney with them.
What do you get when you put 6 Disney lovers in a "log" together on Splash Mountain? Pure silliness. This was us "sleeping" for the picture. We had to practice our pose going down each hill on the ride so we had it just right for the picture. It was like going on a whole new ride when I rode it the next day because I actually had my eyes open.

One Saturday Brad and I decided we just needed some Disney time so we headed to the Animal Kingdom. We started the day riding Everest 4 times in a row since the line was so short, and then headed over to the safari. As we walked toward our next adventure I realized there was a giant brown dog walking toward me. I turned to Brad, "IT'S DUG AND RUSSELL!!!!"
"Do you want to go meet them Rae Rae?" Brad asked me. I have never stood in line to meet a character. It all felt so childish. But I LOVE the movie UP, and I especially love Dug and Russell. How can you not??
As our turn finally came, I walked right up to Dug and said, "Hi, my name is Rachel. I just met you and I love you!!" He just grabbed me and pulled me to him and gave me a big hug and licked me with his giant tongue. It was so fun! And they were both just so cute.
I also realized I am JUST LIKE MY MOTHER. I knew that if she were there, she would have said EXACTLY the same thing to Dug in exactly the same voice. I love Dug. I love my mom. I love my cute husband who keeps me young at heart.

Brad and I were sharing a car for a week or two and I decided if I was taking him to work and then picking him up, I might as well just hang out at the parks for the day. But who wants to just wander around Disney alone for hours? So I called my good friend Andrea and she brought two of her ADORABLE boys to play at Disney for the day. The top picture is Ethan and I on the Safari. The next one is Andrea with Grayson on Dumbo. The bottom photo is Grayson getting his power nap. Sometimes I wish they had adult strollers so I could get in my nap in the middle of the day while someone pushed me around.
It was great to hang out with the boys with no real agenda and just see where the day took us. And I was reminded that life is what we make of it as I watched Ethan run and jump and play in the pouring rain, laughing and loving the adventure while most of us stood where it was relatively dry and watched. I couldn't help running out and jumping in the rain with him, although I did have my poncho on so I didn't get quite as wet. He spent rest of the evening in wet clothes and was so content to be there playing it up.
Brad met up with us at the Magic Kingdom after he was done working and we rode a few more rides together before calling it a day. We all came home damp, exhausted, and so happy.

Monday, June 11, 2012


The end of April we headed to Utah for my mom's BYU graduation. We were so excited to see (almost) all of the family, and be able to enjoy some of the typical Randall family traditions. We spent an afternoon celebrating with the Thorne's (Andy also graduated), an evening with as many of our good friends as we could fit around a table at Sette Bello (my favorite wood-fired pizza restaurant), a day up at Grandma and Grandpa Randall's house (which of course included a trip to the Cache Valley Cheese Factory), and lots of time just enjoying each other's company. Oh yeah, and the trip also included some unexpected oral surgery for Rae Rae. Luckily the worst of it was over after the first day or two.

It was an amazing experience to watch my mom walk across the stage and receive the degree she has worked so hard for these last few years. It was so wonderful to be able to stand up and cheer for her, and since she was the very last one across, the whole Marriott center also cheered her on! We love you Mom, and we're so proud of you!

A picture with me and the Grad

One of my favorite Sarah pics wearing Uncle Brad's Glasses. Aren't they so cute?!

I couldn't get quite enough of Ben. He's growing up so fast, and he's so fun! This was at Chuck-O-Rama, a Randal family tradition when we are all together.

I took a picture of myself on accident because the camera was turned the wrong way. But I kept it because you can see how swollen my cheek was. I decided to keep my Utah dentist since we'll be there at least twice a year, but after this, I'm not sure I want every trip to see the family filled (no pun intended) with mouth pain.

At the Cache Valley Cheese Factory in Logan. If only they had a place like this in Orlando.