Monday, January 5, 2015

A Day Worth Waiting For

I love graduations, and I cry at every one I attend. Even a midst the chaos of packing our home and finishing up work, I welled up when Brad tried on his cap and gown the night before his big day. Graduation Day provides an opportunity to celebrate a goal achieved. One that takes many years and many sacrifices to complete. And it's incredible to stand at the finish line and look back and realize that if this one hard thing is achievable, then what else in life might be possible as well?

I waited longingly for the day that Brad would be done with school, although I did my best to make the most of our time in Rexburg. And I'm so grateful for all that we learned while we were there. I found over the course of our two years, that we weren't just there for Brad; I had things to learn as well. I'm so proud of you Brad, and I'm excited to see what the next adventure holds!