Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What does it Feel like to be Thirty?

One could guess that thirty feels much like 29, 28, 27... you get the picture. It's true, I did not feel any different waking up to 30 than I felt waking up the day before.

I did wake up to 30 with an epiphany... as much as I love fashion, I have not given the proper attention to my home attire. And after a surprise morning visit from my dearest girlfriends, I realized I officially must have a new bathrobe, because I woke up thirty, flirty, and wearing a frumpy housewife bathrobe. That just had to change. So I now have a sweet little hot pink one with polka dots inside. Much better.

I also managed to go out of my twenties in style. My girls threw me a fantastic party in which they did their best to make sure I received 30 kisses for my big day. I have some new rules about kissing... but I did allow several kisses on the cheek. And then, right at 11:30, I got one suprise kiss from my new friend Derek. Derek and I are now friends, because I have to give props to a boy who isn't afraid to reach right over and kiss a girl who very well could reject him. Good work Derek. I'm impressed.

Since I can remember, my birthday has been at least a week long affair. I don't know if it's just a summer thing, or if I'm just really so self-centered that I have to "let" everyone play a part in my celebration . But in typical fashion, I topped off the birthday week with a perfect home cooked meal and birthday presents with the family. My mom, the most fun and creative woman I know, decided to make a special birthday treat. So here is my birthday "sushi". (It's really twinkies, wrapped in fruit roll-ups with sour patch kids on top. They were awesome!)