Sunday, June 11, 2017

Family Time

Hey Big Kid!

As you can clearly see, I've been a bit of a slacker over the last couple months. You've grown so much, and we've had so many fun adventures, so I decided to break things down a bit. This will only be about our travels and special visits, and it's still going to be a LONG post.

April and May brought lots of fun with family and special friends. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives that are so good to us!

One of the first highlights of the last few months was a visit from the Krauses'. They are one of our Florida families, and it was so fun to have them over for a day. Their boys were so cute and fun with you! While we only live about 45 minutes away, it's crazy how hard it can be for schedules to line up, so we soaked in every minute we had together.

Just chillin' out with Grayson

Grandma and Grandpa Cottle came down to Florida to see us for a quick weekend in April (more on that trip later), and then came back for a visit with Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Ken in May. They brought you a GIANT kite, and lots of other fun things to play with, and of course we had some fun all together at Disney as usual. You were also a big helper with a few little projects that they took care of around the house.

Flying our new kite with Dad

Animal Kingdom with Grandpop
We went to EPCOT with the Cottles' and you had a big time dancing to the music around the World Showcase and riding on Grandpa's shoulders. And you played lots of hide-and-seek in clothes racks with Grandpa and me, while Grandma and Tiffany shopped at Cast Connection.

Dancing through EPCOT with Mommy

Baby Ruger had his blessing day in April, and I couldn't pass up an opportunity for you to be together with all of your cousins. I told myself we wouldn't be doing any major travel this year, but of course I couldn't totally stick to that. It was worth the trip with so many Randalls in town, and we even got to see some unexpected extended family. You finally met Aunt Sissy and Uncle Ron, and Cousin Shelley surprised us all by showing up Saturday afternoon. Shelley even came and hung out with us at Instacare where you were diagnosed with your first ear infection, and it was a doozy!

The long flight
She offered to let you sit on her lap. You
were against the idea until you realized
it was your only way to see out the window.
Suddenly you were best buddies.

We stayed with Aunt ArVae, which was very fun since she lives super close to Mimi's house, and we didn't used to get much time with her before she moved to Centerville. She played blocks with you and snuggled with you and treated you to lots of cookies while we were there. As soon as we sat down at the table you would point right to the cookie jar. you knew where the good stuff was!

Baby Ruger is really sweet and crazy adorable, and it was fun to see you with a little baby cousin. You also LOVED all the dogs! Nick's new dog is named Karl Malone, and you would follow him around saying, "Karl! Karl! Karl!" Actually, you just called all the dogs Karl.

Kisses for Baby Ruger

Matchy-matchy cousins!

You went to your first movie with all the cousins, and it was fortunate we ended up in an empty theater. You were glued to the screen for the first half, and then you were pretty ready to be done. So, we danced in the aisles to the music, and you climbed the stairs. We'll definitely be waiting a little bit before we try again. It was a pretty great time anyway.

We had a super fun adventure to a new aquarium in Utah and you loved being able to stick your hands in the water, touch the turtles, and run around with your cousins. You also loved riding the kid-sized four wheeler at the house (just the thing I ALWAYS wanted as a kid). You loved driving, and you managed to get the "go" part down, but you needed a bit (or a lot) of help with the steering.

Riding the train at the mall with your cousins

Dad took on a temporary assignment as a VIP tour guide at the end of May which meant extra long hours, so you tagged along for my work trip to Utah, and we stayed a few extra days to be with family and some awesome friends. Nick and Drea are staying at Mimi and Papa's house, so you got to spend lots of time with them. Your little face lit up every time Nick walked up the stairs and you would say, "Nick!!" When I would lay you down in your bed, you'd say, "Nigh nigh Nick, and Mimi, and Papa, and Drea, and Karl...", it was super sweet. You actually slept crazy well while you were there, which was a pleasant surprise after our last trip. You and Drea also got lots of quality time, since she spent lots of time with you while I was at work. She melted when you said "love you" to her at naptime. We did lots of hanging out with Drea, and we were a terrible influence on each other in the shopping department. We had way too much fun shopping for little boy's clothes. I almost had to take an extra suitcase home!

Representing HireVue
You are big on saying "Cheese"!

We took a very sweet trip to the Bountiful cemetery on Memorial Day with Mimi, Papa and ArVae, and you were curious, but also reverent as if you understood we were somewhere special. This is the first year that both of my grandparents are gone, and I loved spending a few moments remembering them with my family. After leaving the cemetery you got a little restless in the car, so Mimi taught you her "turtle song". You were in heaven. And you would say, "Moe, moe" so she would do it again and again. You held her hands so you could "snap" at the minnows and fleas with her, and you even sighed at the end just like she did when she did it for you while slightly out of breath.

You may not carry the Randall name, bit but it made
my heart happy to see you with the Randall name. I
am proud to be a Randall!

We couldn't leave Utah without a visit to one of our SSS families. We loved seeing the Woolstons', and you and Corban are getting just big enough to (sort of) play together. It's so fun to be able to have our boys growing up together, even if we don't get to see each other often.

With Uncle Soren in the sandbox. One of your favorite
places to be

Working on your rockstar skills

While we've had lots of fun with others, we've also had a wonderful time with our own little family the last few months. You are absolutely delightful to spend time with, and every day is a new adventure. I love waking up to your sweet smiles, and my heart melts when you snuggle up with your bunny and say, "Nigh nigh, Lu loo" at the end of the day. I lu loo, little boy!


Mom and Dad

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